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AMP Wealthview

AMP Wealthview allows an opportunity to access leading fund managers throughout New Zealand and Australia.  We also use independent researchers, Mercer, who recommend only the funds they believe are capable of strong, repeatable performance.  Access to a hub of expertise, training, tools and support, means we can offer you the most optimal information, every time.  We will set up and review your portfolio so it reflects your changing needs and lifestyle also offering online access to your WealthView investment account, so you can check on your investments whenever you like.  Wealthview offers different Investments with different advantages and different risks.


   Similar to saving in a bank. 

   Safe, but remember that even term deposits aren’t guaranteed. 

   Slow and steady. 

Bonds (Fixed Interest) 

   Essentially an IOU to a company or government. 

   Agreement to get money back at the end (but inflation erodes value). 

   Interest rates affect prices and yields. 

Property and Infrastructure 

   Commercial buildings (offices, shopping centres). 

   Public amenities (hospitals, roads, schools). 

   Monopolies and high barriers to entry means there is lack of competition. 


   Own part of a company. 

   Price of products/services generally goes up with inflation. 


   Inputs in the production of other goods or services (gold, oil, livestock, grains etc.). 

   They protect against inflation. 

   Provides diversification to traditional assets classes. 

WealthView is about creating a portfolio that is RIGHT for you - using a combination of these types of investments.  How comfortable are you with taking risk? I can help you decide which mix suits you best.  With 64 funds from 21 different fund managers at your fingertips you can create a diversified portfolio that should be robust enough to stand up to adverse market conditions.  AMP and Mercer subject investments to rigorous selection and quality control and you could have access to some leading funds from an array of international fund managers, not just AMP funds. 

We aim to protect your future and increase your wealth.